Who am I?

Well, first and foremost, I keep my personal and my work lives separate. So, unless you know me and I trust your discreetness, I wont give a lot of details about my non-furry life.

Kovu DaLion is my primary personality within the furry community and it is what most people in the community know me as, I am a furry and a fursuiter with my fursuit being an anthropomorphic lion. My character started about 2-3 years prior to Lion King 2 Simba's Pride and was actually a role play character on "The Lion King MUCK". The MUCK (Multi User Chat Kingdom) was set in the period of Scars ascension and rule on pride rock prior to Simba's return and my character was the natural born son of Scar. The MUCK had a strict policy against naming characters with suffixes such as Jr, 2nd, 3rd, etc, So, I did some research and after looking at Swahili and other native African languages I settled on Kovu which is Scar in Swahili.

After playing this character for over a year, it was announced that Lion King 2 Simba's Pride was coming out and that Kovu was now a cannon character in the series and my character on the MUCK had to go away. I still retained the name and used it in other forums and sites but no longer on "The Lion King MUCK".

Step forward about 6 more months and I found the Furry community. I became active on the IRC channels and became more active in the furry community. Due to the popularity of the Simba's Pride and the influx of users calling themselves Kovu, I restyled my name to be Kovu DaLion to sound like a first and last name.

I am now a very active member of the Tallyfurs and one of the founding members along with Kerne and Steelclaw Fox. We are a moderately active furry community with monthly activities. For more information see my links page to become active in the Tallyfurs community.

I currently attend Furry weekend Atlanta, Megaplex Con and Furloween as well as the Jax Fur Picnic. I have also attended Midwest Furfest and Elliott's Spring Gathering, I plan to attend Midwest Furfest again in 2014 as well as Texas Furry Fiesta.